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Beaver Country Day School is an independent school for grades 6-12 located just outside Boston that boasts a modern and innovative pedagogy – championing collaborative teach and learning, creative brainstorming, physical making, the iterative process, building excellent presentation skills, and fostering a digitally savvy community. A new facility has been commissioned to reflect the ambition of the faculty and students that will, at the same time, have the ability to transform as pedagogies evolve. The project addresses a variety of programmatic requirements and also redefines the focus of the campus toward a central courtyard. 

The Beaver Country Day School operates across five structures built over several decades, with an 8 foot grade difference from adjacent floor levels. NADAAA’s R+D Center project was designed around an extensive ramp at the maximum allowable slope so that students and faculty can reach most program spaces without using the school’s elevators. A three- story connecting “bridge” volume contains part of the ramp. Animating this prime circulation route with study carrels, presentation spaces, lounge, and comfortable bench seating.   

A primary consideration of the design is the transformation of Beaver’s existing library, currently located in a two-story 1967 era wing of the campus. The traditional stack areas and reading rooms have been rebranded as the Research + Design Center, and the former library is expanding its reach into the rest of the school, providing accessible routes, meeting areas, digital and physical fabrication labs, along with a variety of groups and individual work areas. 


Principal in Charge: Katherine Faulkner, AIA

Design Principal: Nader Tehrani

Project Manager: Arthur Chang

Project Coordinator: Gretchen Neeley

Project Team: Jin Kyu Lee, Thomas Tait, Tim Wong

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