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The project is a four-story row house interior renovation for a culinary artist and a rare book and art collector. The program includes a private residence and multiple rental units. The architecture of the private residence revolves around the need to display an extensive collection of Persian and Renaissance artwork, rare books and manuscripts. 

As a kind of library and small museum, the walls throughout the residence alternate between relatively taut and continuous surfaces for the display of artwork, to recessed and coffered millwork elements providing shelving spaces for books and art objects.  A three-story bookcase tower extends from the second to fourth floor at the stairway core connecting the floors of the private residence and providing a type of viewing promenade throughout the space. 

Principals: Monica Ponce de Leon, Nader Tehrani
Project coordinators: Albert Garcia
Design Team: Kristen Giannattasio, Heather Walls, Achille Rossini, Christine Mueller, Tali Buchler, Hansy Luz Better, Nima Yadollapour, Jeff Asanza, Richard Lee, Garrick Jones, Zack Hinchliffe.

Architect of Record: Alexander Coogan Architect Inc.

Structural: Sarkis Zerounian & Associates

Photographer: Dan Bibb

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