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The Boston Common Flats were designed for two different couples both transitioning from multi-story Beacon Hill and Back Bay homes where they had raised their children, to smaller, fully-accessible apartments in a large Back Bay building. The moves involved a great deal of downsizing, but both clients were determined to maintain the same elegance that defined their former homes, display their significant art collections, and capitalize on panoramic views of the Boston and Cambridge skylines.

The existing apartment building has a concrete frame structure with relatively low floor-to-floor heights. Given the limitations of the footprint, maintaining openness while maximizing storage and providing for daily function were critical. Ceilings and door frames were raised to maximum height, partition walls were demolished, and hallway widths were increased in order to capture daylight as well as accommodate for accessibility and improve visual communication. The flexibility of the units allows the clients to continue hosting friends and family for dinners or overnight. The supportive infrastructure is integrated within the architectural details such that it does not overwhelm or inhibit the space.

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