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Beaver Country Day School is an independent school for grades 6-12 located just outside Boston that boasts a modern and innovative pedagogy – championing collaborative teaching and learning, creative brainstorming, physical making, the iterative process, building excellent presentation skills, and fostering a digitally savvy community. A new facility was commissioned to reflect the ambition of the faculty and students that was to have the ability to transform as pedagogies evolve. The project addresses a variety of programmatic requirements and also redefines the focus of the campus toward a central courtyard. 

The Beaver Country Day School operates across five structures built over several decades, with an 8 foot grade difference from adjacent floor levels. NADAAA’s R+D Center project was designed around an extensive ramp at the maximum allowable slope so that students and faculty can reach most program spaces without using the school’s elevators. A three- story connecting “bridge” volume contains part of the ramp. Animating this prime circulation route with study carrels, presentation spaces, lounge, and comfortable bench seating.   


Principal in Charge: Katherine Faulkner, AIA Design Principal: Nader Tehrani Project Manager: Arthur Chang Project Coordinator: Gretchen Neeley Project Team: Tim Wong, Lisa LaCharité, Jin Kyu Lee, Nicole Sakr, Thomas Tait

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