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Bina Osteria/Alimentari brings together the functions of the restaurant and grocery store under a single identity: a canopy that spans the two programs. The existing space offers very tightly spaced, tall, concrete columns that limit the spatial options, but also define the character of the space: a long nave that organizes the main view and circulation of the space. While arrayed on the longitudinal axis, none of the columns are of equal dimension, borrowing their peculiarities from the loads they inherit from the tower above. As a result, the spatial distribution of the columns varies widely, contributing to a sense of disarray and distortion. In turn, the services of the tower above –mechanical equipment, sprinkler system, drainage pipes, among other equipment, further complicate the spatial organization of the ceiling.¬†

Project Design: Monica Ponce de Leon, Nader Tehrani
Principal in Charge: Nader Tehrani
Project Architect: Daniel Gallagher
Project Coordinator: Catie Newell
Design Team: Ji-Young Park, Harry Lowd, Richard Lee, Doug Shilo, Lisa Huang, Arthur Chang, Ellie Abrons

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