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As the 2005-2006 Ventullet Chair in Architectural Design at Georgia Tech, Nader Tehrani led a team of graduate and undergraduate students in the design and fabrication of an acrylic 3-D construct using a numerically controlled router. The installation consists of more than 1500 customized pieces that explore the different spatial, programmatic, and structural possibilities imparted by this high-tech fabrication technique.

Thomas W. Ven­tulett III Dis­tin­guished Chair In Archi­tec­tural Design, Georgia Institute Of Technology, 2006

Professor: Nader Tehrani
Instructor: Tristan Al-hadid
Project Lead: Brandon Clifford
Project Team: Richard Aeck, Jonathan Baker, Daniel Baron, Vishwadeep Deo, Brandi Flanagan, Steven Georgalis, Jason Mabry, Mohamed Mohsen, Lorraine Ong, Vinay Shiposkar
Photographers: Brandon Clifford, Nader Tehrani, Phil Jones

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