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The South End  Flat is defined by a linear arrangement that is its most salient feature. Fifteen feet wide by fifty-five feet long, it requires the composition of all domestic programs along an enfilade that both maintains the integrity of the singular hall, while breaking up the functions into discrete and intimate spaces.

Supported by service spaces on one side –kitchen, bathroom, entry space, and bedroom suite– the long wall of the main hall is punctuated by a series of doors, equally spaced, that are embedded in a book shelf. While functioning as support for books, the shelving system is composed around fixed vertical plywood fins, with flexible horizontal shelving that account for varied sizes of books, venting in the wall, spaces for art, and access panels for mechanical equipment. In effect, the shelving system absorbs all the programs of the flat into one organic system, and containing the clutter in one simple gesture.

The bedroom suite is composed around an antechamber for storage, a new bathroom and bedroom. The Flat is designed around three works of art. The bedroom mural encompasses the entire space and is the work of Jackie Saccoccio. The Dining room is anchored by the work of Sigrid Sandstrom, and the living area, by a large urban landscape by Corrine Ulmann.

Design Principal: Nader Tehrani
Project Manager: Harry Lowd
Project team:

Mural: Jackie Saccoccio

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