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Composite constructions, such as the Freddy Screen, have the benefit of achieving a great relative strength to weight ratio as is common in the construction of new racing yachts and cars, among other hi-tech gear. Fabricated from expanded hollow core, the screen is able to be molded to compound curvatures as a means of giving more depth to its sleek ¼ inch thickness.  Framed in extruded aluminum tubes, the screen is covered in a fiberglass surface to give structural rigidity to the expanded hollow core. The translucency of the  fiberglass simultaneously provides for privacy and a sense of porosity as light and shadows are allowed to pass through its thin membrane. Light weight and flexible, the screen is easily adaptable to different lengths , sites, and geometric configurations.

Project Design:
Nader Tehrani, Monica Ponce de Leon

Project Team:
Richard Lee, coordinator
Chris Eidt

Henry Elliot

Dan Bibb

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