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This proposal is concerned with investigating the notion of urbanity or, more precisely, investigating the means of producing the effect of urbanity in its various manifestations.  It is assumed that the urban (not necessarily urbane) sense of place is, for a variety of reasons, a desirable one and not to be abandoned or renounced in despair, in spite of its conspicuous absence from most new developments.  It is also assumed that it will, in the very near future and more often than not, begin to be produced “artificially” (through a “total design” kind of approach, accepting the theatrical reference of this notion), rather than expecting it to happen as the “natural” result of a culture at work, secreting forms — the simultaneous manifestations of codes of many kinds — in a place as it has normally been produced.  

The project attempts to ‘put into architecture’- to architecturalize- the rituals of everyday quotidian life (strolling on the sidewalk, playing cards, sitting at a cafe table, playing Ping-Pong, etc.) in a single structure that exacerbates those functions in an open hall of tables.  The excess of the tables, their built-in flexibility, and their multiple readings can promote the kind of heterogeneity and spontaneity that sponsors urban life.  The building on top is a community center, a multi-function hall, serving the ceremonial and daily needs of the community.  The identity of the building comes from the monumentalization of those quotidian functions, resulting in a colossal table – a shelter for the urban life of the infant tables underneath and the community they serve.

Project Design: Monica Ponce de Leon, Nader Tehrani

Assistants: Jeffrey Asanza

Model Team: Mario d’Artista ⋅ Gene Miao ⋅ Kazuyo Oda
Lee Su ⋅ Apisek Wongvasu

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