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Drawing on the historical link between architecture and textiles, team thin-ply and team rubber borrow techniques from apparel design to discover a new category of tectonic relationships. Simultaneously working with and against the nature of their chosen materials, the teams attempt to exacerbate the materials spatial, tactile, and experiential potential. Calibrating geometries and material conditions– techniques of apparel design and manufacturing are imported to give syntactic and tailored precision to the various edges, seams, and connections of the installations. Addressing architectural demands of structure, siting, program, and the more subjective visual realm, the two installations seek to ground themselves in multiple and concurrent alibis. Working with wood, rubber, and screen-mesh, the teams deploy strategies of pleating, darting, and tabbing to give structural rigidity and formal precision to their respective installations.

Team Thin Ply
Project Advisor: Nader Tehrani
Project Collaborators: Kristen Giannattasio, Heather Walls
Installation Assistants: Hyuek Rhee, Mario D’Artista

Team Rubber
Project Advisor: Nader Tehrani
Project Collaborators: John May, Richard Lee

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