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This proposal for the Intergenerational Learning Center seeks to identify architectural opportunities from within the given requirements: its budgetary constraints, zoning guidelines, and code restrictions. It uses these criteria both as a mechanism for invention as well as a basis for practical implementation.  From the urbanistic perspective, we have attempted to weave the project into the site, while also addressing the appropriate scales of Michigan Avenue and 104th Street. The residential grain of 104th Street is extended on the east-west axis, while the larger scale is reserved for the north-south axis of Michigan Avenue, where the public program may enjoy a more civic presence. 

The Senior Satellite Center and Head Start Facility are designed to foster social interaction between the two programs while maintaining the necessary autonomy and security needed for the smooth functioning of their individual operations. Designed as a double helical ramp (a spiral), the two programs intertwine, revealing views of each other and creating overlapping shared spaces for the two generations. The principle of accessibility –materialized as the ramp—becomes the architectural mechanism for vertical circulation, visual connection, spatial separation, and social interaction, while cultivating a culture of exercise and health in a building about movement and social engagement.

Principals in charge:
Monica Ponce de Leon and Nader Tehrani

Project Coordinators:
Julian Palacio, Michael Tunkey

Project Team:
Scott Ewart, Katja Gischas, Cynthia Gunadi, William O’Brien, with Sean Baccei, Tali Bucher, Lisa Huang, Krists Karklins, Miks Karklins, Kazuyo Oda, Penn Ruderman

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