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At the Joli Salon, situated in a row of shops in Brookline, Massachusetts, unique spatial relationships and innovative material installations provide a luxurious setting for a variety of beauty and health treatments. Throughout the salon, visual and tactile qualities of materials are manipulated for pragmatic and poetic purposes:  plaster ceilings and walls are molded into flowing curves which wrap through the space, effectively concealing mechanical systems and creating a continuity of light and texture; a fabric curtain is draped sculpturally to highlight and distinguish private spaces and to provide an acoustic divider between services; felt layers on walls are molded and shaped to create inventive lighting effects while serving the practical need for insulation; and faceted mirrors are positioned to maximize the qualities of light and space.

Project Design:
Monica Ponce de Leon + Nader Tehrani

Project Coordinator:
Timothy Clark

Project Team:
Albert Garcia, Jeff Asanza, Christine Mueller, Tali Buchler

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