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The Sharq District is developed as a multi-purpose neighborhood – containing civic, retail, commercial and residential programs. As such, it is conceived as a self sufficient district as well as a point of destination for others in the Kuwait Central City area. The housing occupies two paradigms: mat building and tower. The mat building benefits from courtyard conditions which offer exceptional value to each household: open space, light, air, views, and privacy – all features conventionally absent in this class of real estate. Towers define the silhouette of the Sharq district, anchoring the site from different approaching perspectives. A retail spine connects the Al Shuhada Park to the city on the east-west axis. This axis will house a variety of amenities that will furnish the district with its daily needs (supermarket, hardware store, etc), but also make available a range of other retail environments.

Project Design:
Monica Ponce de Leon and Nader Tehrani

Project Team:
Ghazal Abbasy, Sean Baccei, Arthur Chang, Michael Filisky,
Lisa Huang, Ji-Young Park, Ahmad Reza Schricker, Kyle Sturgeon

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