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Celebrating 150 years of MIT was also the occasion to celebrate the first School of Architecture in the United States. A series of cross-disciplinary works resulted in numerous installations bordering MIT on the Charles River. This installation, a collaboration between Gediminas Urbonas and NADAAA, was to produce a structure on the Charles that could serve multiple functions: as screen, as logo, as “light” structure, as skyline, and among other things, as a base for the revelation of historical research at MIT emerging from CAVS– all documents retrieved and displayed from the historical archives.

Project Credits

Gediminas Urbonas and NADAAA

NADAAA team: Nader Tehrani, Katherine Fualkner, John Houser, Craig Chapple, Harry Lowd, Ryan Murphy, Sarah Dunbar

Realization team: Landmark Creations, BTT Marine Construction Company, Funflicks, ElecComm Power Services, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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