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The Greene House is located in North Easton, Massachusetts, a small New England town known for the many H.H. Richardson buildings.  Sited north of the town center in a wooded area, affording spectacular views of the New England landscape, the house is set back from the main road to provide for maximum privacy. 

The program of the house consisted of peculiarities that helped define the distribution of spaces.  The public aspects of the program were placed in a ‘glass house’, enabling maximum transparency and views, whereas the more private functions were concealed within a brick masonry structure.  A two-story high entry hall marks the intersection between the glass house and the masonry structure and is occupied by a wooden staircase connecting to a public deck on the second floor. 

The den, on the opposite side, opens out onto a back porch, a colossal ‘table’ framing the landscape beyond.  A large master suite occupies most of the second floor and can function quite independently from the rest of the house;  it is connected to the backyard and garage by a secondary staircase providing easy access for the owner’s dogs.  The same staircase connects the outside to the basement, where the dogs spend much of their time.  Attached to the master bedroom is a bay window that overlooks the front court and driveway, controlling the view while guarding the occupant inside.  


Project Design:

Rodolphe El Khoury + Nader Tehrani


Anton Grassl

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