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The mission of this unique institution is to provide a common space where people of different spiritual, religious, and cultural orientations may come together under one roof for prayer, reflection, and constructive dialogue. To that end, the design executed by Office DA provides for the specific requirements of distinct religious faiths while simultaneously maintaining the necessary neutrality so as not to bias any specific orientation, faith, or iconography.

The new hall of prayer is envisioned as a multi-faith Center where the needs of each religious group are taken into account in the design of a flexible space. This differs from conventional university halls of prayer, which are conceived as “neutral” and as such tend not to accommodate the specific needs of a board range of religious faiths. The Northeastern University Interfaith Center not only satisfies the requirements of various groups, but also provides a place for their interaction.

Project Design: Monica Ponce de Leon and Nader Tehrani

Project Coordinators: Richard Lee, Jill Porter

Erik Egbertson, Ben Karty, Tim Dumbleton, Jeffrey Asanza, Yeong La, Patricia Szu-Ping Chen, Thamarit Suchart, David Kunzig, Dana Manoliu,  Salvatore Rafone, Rusty Walker

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