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The Northpoint site offers an opportunity to develop a new community and unique urban fabric. The challenge of the project is to scale the buildings so that its inhabitants may identify themselves with the various “degrees” of community that the modern metropolis has the potential of offering –from the public to the private, and from the communal and individual.

Our proposal for Northpoint demonstrates an invention for urban housing that includes four differing typologies that are stacked intricately on top of each other to create a new hybrid: urban loft/work-live spaces at street and plinth level, row house duplex types with stoops and gardens at street and plinth level, NYC style walk-ups on the second floor, and double and single-loaded corridor apartments at upper levels.

Principals in charge: Monica Ponce de Leon/ Nader Tehrani
Project Coordinators: Julian Palacio, Michael Tonkey
Team: Sean Baccei, Ghazel Abbassi, Penn Ruderman, Krists Karklins, Ehtan Kushner, Lisa Huang, Elane Chow
Principal in charge: Lawrence Scarpa
Team: Angela Brooks, Silke Clemens, Michael Hannah, Vanessa Hardy, Ching Luk, Fredrik Nilsson, Gwynne Pugh, Katrin Terstegen

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