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Located between the cultural core of the newly proposed city and the landscaped greens of a golf club, our design for the Ordos Hotel draws from both urban and landscape references.  Guidelines restricted the height of the building to three levels, prohibiting towers and other compact typologies. Our proposal develops an innovative mat building type organized on three levels: a service basement, a public ground level, and a second floor of hotel rooms. The scheme is gauged on its compactness, as a variety of courtyards are aggregated to create a dense village; each courtyard has its own program and is planted with its own flora. The landscapes vary– from water to moss, from a shaded tree to native grasslands, or from bamboo to rock garden – each setting the mood for different activities.

Project Design:
Monica Ponce de Leon and Nader Tehrani

Principal in Charge:
Nader Tehrani

Project Architect:
Daniel Gallagher

Project Designer:
Lisa Huang

Project Team:
Adam Fure, Ellie Abrons, Richard Lee, Arthur Chang, Remon Alberts, Harry Lowd, Catie Newell, Brandon Clifford, Jessica Colangelo, Kazuyo Oda, Nerijus Petrokas

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