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The ORO bookshelf is designed as a free-standing shelving system that is accessible from both sides. Hence it is able to yield its maximum potential when behaving not only as a shelving system, but a partition, screen, of free standing wall in an open plan. The adjustable individual shelves are pinned to the frame so as to allow books to face to and be accessed from either side – for instance, between a den and a living area. 

Since there is no traditional backboard that provides normal shelving systems structural stability against lateral forces, the resolution of this necessity spawns the most innovative feature of this bookshelf: the frame of the bookshelf is fabricated from slipped laminated plywood “leaves” that wrap around the corners to create a “moment” connection in the most structurally sensitive location of the piece. The piece is finished with a dark walnut exterior and a light maple interior as a way of accentuating the opposing laminations of plywood. The entire piece is propped up on six casters making the shelving easily moveable and flexible as partitions. Two cast aluminum handles are lodged into delaminated sections of the frame to enable the movement of the shelving unit.

Project Design: Nader Tehrani, Monica Ponce de Leon

Project Team: Richard Lee, coordinator, Jess Smith, assistant

Fabrication: George Brin, Milgo Bufkin

Photography: Dan Bibb

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