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The City of Austin has expanded westward, repurposing industrial sites of the city grid for civic, business, and residential programs. The new primary public library, an urban bikeway, and several mixed-use development sites surround the still functioning Seaholm Electrical Substation. Conceptually, the wall project negotiates and accentuates several realms. The wall transcends the functional, offering experiences that cannot be reduced to a single phenomenon while addressing the changing dynamics of the urban context, its scale, programs, thresholds, edges, and experiences. Varied materials, construction types, lighting, and porosity engage the specific contexts abutting the substation while allowing veiled views into the substation, acknowledging the infrastructure that is required to power the city.


Principals: Daniel Gallagher, Nader Tehrani

Project Architect: Jeff Dee

Design Team: Austin Jarvis, Jonathan Palazzolo, Harry Lowd, John Houser, Arthur Chang, Sarah Dunbar, John Chow


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