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In the past twenty years, the Qatar Foundation—a non-profit focused on education, research, and community development—has tasked itself with converting the Qatari economy from a system based on hydro-carbon exports to a system based on knowledge. The Visitors Center offers the opportunity to translate the mission of the Qatar Foundation into architectural and environmental terms: to communicate a philosophy of education, science/research, and community development through spatial, formal and material means. 

The Exhibition Rotunda defines the essence of this project.  Access to knowledge and a commitment to its pursuit are represented through an iconic space that is at once formal and practical.  The procession through the clustered galleries encourages one to focus outwards, as well as inwards toward the specific exhibits. The gallery hall is empowered by robust technology that is largely hidden in ceilings and floors allowing multiple small, or a few large displays.  Rotating walls composed of two meter sections can be arranged in multiple configurations, within the radial and concentric order of the overall plan. 

Principals in Charge: Nader Tehrani, Katherine Faulkner, AIA

Project Coordinator: Amin Tadj

Project Team: Parke MacDowell, Austin Jarvis, Ryan Gagnebin, Iman Amini, Lisa LaCharite, Jin Kyu Lee, Harry Lowd, Tom Beresford, Richard Lee

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