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The house is planned around some basic principles: a simple foundation and massing, and an interior that is gauged towards flexibility. The strategy is to minimize construction complexity while eliminating multiple trades, materials, and assembly processes.  The slab on grade minimizes excavation costs, while also producing thermal mass. The sip wall and roof system overcomes the multiple layers that normative construction is encumbered by, while creating a thick insulating wall; in combination with the natural ventilation this is maybe the most effective way to reduce energy use. The roof has a single slope, using all the water run-off for site water sequestration. We evaluated the field of materials and selected those that can serve a buildings function in its entirety, be fabricated regionally if not locally, and adopt an assembly process that is efficient enough to minimize waste and lower costs. 

Design Leads: Nader Tehrani/ Hailim Suh (Himma Architecture Studio)
Project Architect: Dan Gallagher
Project Coordinators: Jeff Dee, Arthur Chang
Project Team: Harry Lowd, Melissa Harlan, Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure, Catie Newell, Brandon Clifford, Richard Lee, Remon Alberts, Lisa Huang, Jessica Colangelo, Kazuyo Oda, Nerijus Petrokas

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