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In this project, we set out to develop an architectural response to the tension between the global impact of technologies and local building traditions– in effect dovetailing state of the art CAD-cam processes in relation to local stone and masonry construction techniques. Interpreting an archetypal Basque building typology – the timber-framed structure with masonry infill – our proposal draws on this composite system of construction to invent new spatial, morphological, and tectonic conditions for an emergent culture of construction.  Our system uses laser cut marine grade plywood wood members to fabricate a scaffolding structure that is incrementally filled with a “load-bearing” stone veneer and concrete block cavity wall. The scaffolding enables highly complex spatial and formal relationships without the inefficiency or high costs of highly customized work. 

Project Design:
Monica Ponce de Leon, Nader Tehrani

Model Coordinators:
Phillip Smith

Project Team:
Richard Lee, Jill Porter, Lee Su, Jeffrey Asanza, Kayoko Ohtsuki, Mario D’Artista, Patricia Chen, Thamarit Suchart, Kristin Gianitazio, Chris Arner, Jennifer Cho, Karen Hock, Jess Smith, Mariko Yoshii, Matt LaRue, Victor Sant’ Anna, Jake Cormier, Lazslo Viszla, Sergio Rodriguez, Christian Dagg

Dan Bibb

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