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The Murphy Institute presents a challenging problem for the new campus building as a building type. If campus buildings are traditionally associated with a department or a single program, the merging of four different entities “under one roof” presents opportunities that can radicalize the academic mission of Tulane University in the context of inderdisciplinary studios. One of the challenges of this project is to give identity to these four academic entities, so its corollary will be to calibrate the right level of interaction between the programs while preserving their relative privacy and autonomy.

Project Design: Nader Tehrani, Monica Ponce De Leon
Project Team: Behnam Karimipour, Vadit Suwatcharapinun, Ove Arup, Anna Goodman, Sean Baccei, Kurt Evans, Juliet Hernandez, Rick Lam, Ahmad Reza Schricker, Jhaelen Eli, Lisa Huang

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