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The Vero Dresser is a drawer chest composed of thirty-nine drawers of different sizes dedicated to a variety of artifacts from earrings to linen.  The drawers are stacked -in layers of decreasing width– four drawers on the bottom row, five on the next, then six, seven, eight, and finally nine drawers on the top row.  Consistent with this stacking, each drawer is fabricated from a stack of laminated plywood, whose exposed “end-grain” is suggestive of masonry block construction. Most important is the lack of an apparent structural frame. All structural members are recessed so that the drawers seem to levitate inexplicably. Even when the corner drawers are opened, no apparent backing nor any kind of scaffolding compromise the structural artifice: the massive, monumental, and weighty presence of a domestic artifact with no apparent connection to the ground.

In fact, the piece is supported by three aluminum T-sections aligned with the reveal between the bottom four drawers. The structural scaffold is cantilevered from these three points towards the outer edges of the piece.  The counter-top is mitered at its edges to further enhance the monolith effect. Aluminum strips are recessed into the counter-top in alignment with the edge of each top drawer, creating the appearance of an aluminum structural frame, consistent with the expression of the three supports underneath the piece.

The intention of the design is to restrict the elements of the dresser to a bare minimum, relying on stacked plywood as the sole medium of construction and expression — eliminating all material differentiation, structural framing, or accessories. The drawer pulls, for instance, are routed out of the stacked plywood drawers fronts in varied radii to enhance the appearance of thickness and depth. Conversely, the metal supports at the base are designed to dematerialize in diminutive proportions and reflective finishes.

Project Design
Nader Tehrani, Monica Ponce de Leon

Project Team
Richard Lee, coordinator
Tim Clark, Jeff Asanza

George Brin

Dan Bibb

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