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This installation is the second in a series of cellular studies. Situated within the project gallery at Pekin Fine Arts, ‘Voroduo’ is a colossal construction comprised of 100’s of interlocking acrylic “cells” that responds to its context like an animate object twisting back onto itself and pulling the public around the piece. The public is encouraged to use the shape of the installation as a guide – to enter on a path that moves around the object and allows one to slowly discover its spatial, material, and atmospheric qualities before exiting the room on the opposite side.

This variation in the cellular patterning produces a dynamic visual effect as the piece alternates between opacity and transparency, density and sparcity, orthogonal and oblique. Made from 125 sheets of flexible plastic cut into 600 cells, ‘Voroduo’s’ material affect is at once ephemeral and solid. As one moves into and through the space, the installation appears to change states, from fluid to rigid and back again. 


Pekin Fine Arts, 2008

Principal in Charge: Nader Tehrani

Project Coordinator: Brandon Clifford

Project Team: Monica Ponce de Leon

Fabricator: C.W. Keller & Associates/Shawn Keller/David Anderson

Structural: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Matthew H. Johnson

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