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The most common aspiration of the community is to develop a new town center with representative public spaces – spaces for public events, celebrations, as well as informal everyday activities. Our proposal identifies several natural features of the immediate site as well as certain phenomenon in the surrounding landscape as a generator of a chain of public space linking route 20 to route 127.

The first, perhaps the most enigmatic is a knoll on the eastern edge of the site, a mass of earth emerging from the land on route 127 — the remains of a large hill that was cut and flattened when the Raytheon Building was constructed. The ‘Wayland Knoll’ is a focal point and the representative center of the town; the surrounding pavement is designed to frame and de-familiarize this singular geological vestige.

Project Design: Monica Ponce de Leon, Nader Tehrani

Project Team: Jeffrey Asanza, Timothy Clark, Chris Eidt, Kristin Gay, Richard Lee, Jill Porter, Phillip Smith, Lee Su

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