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The Zahedi House is a project that sets out to give a new form to an existing skeleton, capitalizing on the building’s latent qualities to reinvent itself. The existing building sits on a hill approximately twenty-five feet above street level, accessed by a driveway on an oblique relationship with the house. A carport, nestled into the contours of the landscape, intercepts the driveway 30 yards from the main entry. So too, the back yard occurs to the ‘side’ of the house –once again at an oblique relationship to the living room. Thus, the dominant views towards and from the house always center on its corners. Given the absence of frontal conditions, the design of the house examines the corner as a point of departure.


The idea of a greenhouse or sunroom emerged as a ‘public component’ to sit like a crystalline object in front of the house.  The ‘object’ sits on an articulated surface, a new ground that defines the boundaries of the entry court.  Its posture foregrounds the importance of its corner, a prow oriented towards the direction of arrival, always maintaining the primacy of the oblique.  A continuous undulating glass skin covers the garage/greenhouse and travels up the front elevation, bringing light to the main entry space while framing the view of the garage roof from the second floor.

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