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This building, a gallery and studio space, is designed by balancing the pragmatic requirements of the building and the need to activate an ailing city context. In the project’s interior, suspended skylights draw light through the second story workspace into the gallery below, while creating a space of communication between the two programs. From the exterior, the building negotiates complex contextual requirements on three different faces of the building – historic commission regulations, a suburban parking lot, and an end elevation of important civic potential. These two different strategies are brought together in a complex intertwining of spaces and skins, reconciling the demands of the interior and exterior.

Project Design:
Monica Ponce de Leon
Nader Tehrani

Project Coordinator:
Jeff Asanza

Project Team:
Timothy Clark, Hansy Luz Better, Ben Karty, Tali Buchler, Chris Arner,
Christine Meuller, Hamad Al-Sultan, Kristen Giannattasio

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