Daniels Building at One Spadina Crescent

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The new home of the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto is a hub for education, research, and outreach focused on the making of more environmental, beautiful, and socially sustainable cities. The Daniels Building unites restoration, renovation, and reinvention. The project’s primary objectives were twofold: (1) rehabilitate the landscape, architecture and urban significance of Toronto’s Spadina Crescent, through efficient reuse of existing elements and complementary addition of new forms; and (2) demonstrate the Daniels Faculty’s objective of overt sustainability through the progressive deployment of materials and systems.

The Flex Hall contains ‘saddle’ spaces on all sides, creating connections between crit rooms, student lounge spaces,  studios and the central flex hall. The hall can also be sealed off as a dark screening room for large lectures.  The Flex Hall can be divided into three spaces by large panelized walls, creating the possibility for one, two or three lecture halls at a time. 

Principals: Katherine Faulkner, AIA; Nader Tehrani
Project Team: Richard Lee, Tom Beresford, John Houser, Amin Tadj, Tim Wong, Alda Black, Marta Guerra, Animations, James Juricevich, Lisa LaCharité, Parke Macdowell, Nicole Sakr, Dane Asmussen, Laura Williams, Peter Sprowls, Noora Al Musallam, Tammy Teng, Wesley Hiatt, John Mars, Mazyar Kahali   
Associated Architect:  Adamson Associates Architects

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