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The term “data visualization” supposes that data is not already visible but must be made so; for this reason, the mechanisms of representation, the means of communication, and the protocols of that transmission become instrumental in their depictions.  It is no secret that with information comes bias, and ideological taint, and to that end, each mode of visualization may cast a shadow of some persuasion. Historically, we have witnessed the vicissitudes of the emergence of the architect in relation to the instruments of the discipline: especially in the arena of measure and projection. At the same time, the descriptions they have made possible are part of a process of abstraction, distortion, and tinting, as made visible through the orthogonal, oblique or conical projections, each in their own way giving weight to varied visions.

It is a rare case where these media come into confluence, as their individual agencies give innate emphasis to certain tropes that reinforce their strengths: from the monocular conical projections of Masaccio to the worm’s eye bias of the Choisy oblique projections, all manifest a revelation that is routed through the salient quality of a particular means of representation. It is maybe only the cinematic that captures the dynamic connection between these media, sometimes in the most devious of means.  The dolly shots of Spike Lee and their control of the camera lens is one example where the measures of constraint are methodically shifted to radical results, but only potent through an animate format.

Kinetic Measures undertakes such an analysis of the Storefront for Art and Architecture. It begins by orthogonally orienting the Storefront, axially aligning its façade parallel to the picture plane as a descriptive means of projecting the dimensional criteria of the elevation and the traces of structural and mechanical motive. Using transitions within the limits of planar projection to approximate the conditions of conical perspective, different stages of the animated drawing enable different alignments between projection and architecture. The kinetic medium of animation is a practice used to produce a biased way of seeing—from the analytical to the experiential. Agency in this case, derived through specific alignments between medium and subject, allows for a temporal and deliberate playing of projection drawing, an instrument for giving value to architecture and the city through measure.

Read the New York Times Review here.



Bamiyan Cultural Centre wins BSA Unbuilt Award

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NADAAA’s Bamiyan Cultural Centre has been chosen for a BSA 2015 Unbuilt Award.  The awards gala will be held January 28th, 2016, save the date!


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Breadbox: An evening with the curators and designers

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Join NADAAA, Matter Design, and IK Studio for an open discussion on the Bigger than a Breadbox installations at the BSA Space tonight at 6:00pm. The event is free, but please register here.

BSA exhibit

NADAAA - Catenary Compression 2015 (12)

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Design Manifestos: Cynthia Gunadi & Joel Lamere of GLD

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Modelo interviews Joel Lamere and Cynthia Gunadi about their recent installation on the greenway, their practice and other recent work by GLD (“Guild”).


photo: Jane Messinger

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Toronto: Phase 2 Foundations

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Join NADAAA this Thursday August 13th at 7:00pm at the Measure’ exhibition opening at the Storefront for Art and Architecture at 97 Kenmare St, New York, NY.

‘Measure’ is an exhibition of 30 drawings by 30 international architects presenting 30 edifices of thought.

The pleasure and pressure to measure and be measured has become increasingly present. Access to growing data sets and new sensing technologies is widespread, and the role of public and private domains in terms of information and space are being redefined. These contemporary conditions invite us to reflect on our ideologies and values, and the drawing is a manifestation of that which we are able to (and desire to) count, measure, and draw.

Storefront’s third iteration of the drawing show seeks to find measures, resist measurement, and measure the immeasurable by presenting from the real to the fictional and from the functional to the symbolic. Measure positions the medium and the act of drawing as a process by which we seek coherence in data and representation, and shows that it is the making of facts that is the basis for the production of futurity beyond existing norms.

other exhibitors include:

The Architecture Lobby
Barozzi / Veiga
Víctor Enrich
Fake Industries Architectural Agonism ((Urtzi Grau, Cristina Goberna) and Georgia Jamieson
FIG Projects
Michelle Fornabai
Steven Holl
Bernard Khoury
Kohn Pedersen Fox Assoc.
KUTONOTUK (Matthew Jull + Leena Cho)
Erika Loana
Jon Lott / PARA Project
m-a-u-s-e-r (Mona Mahall + Asli Serbest)
Nicholas de Monchaux
Anna Neimark
pneumastudio (Cathryn Dwyre + Chris Perry)
James Ramsey / RAAD Studio
Reiser + Umemoto
Mark Robbins
Selldorf Architects
Malkit Shoshan
Urban-Think Tank
Ross Wimer
James Wines


MSD shortlisted for Structural Award

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The annual Institution of Structural Engineers awards program has announced their shortlist which includes the Melbourne School of Design! See all the shortlisted entries here.

structural award-blog

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