“And Justice for All” Justice in Design in Oculus

Posted on January 23rd, 2018 by Nicole Sakr

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In November 2017 a panel discussion titled “…And Justice for All, Reconstituting Just Potentials” was held at the Center for Architecture. Panelists included NADAAA’s Dan Gallagher, AIA who led the Justice in Design study last year in New York. Other panel members included Dr. Harold Appel, former NYC Correctional System physician; Lex Steppling, lead national organizer, Just Leadership USA; Fernando Martinez, Fulton project director, Osborne Association (Bronx); and Dr. Susan Opotow, professor of sociology at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, served as moderator. Oculus has published an edited transcript of the panel n this month’s issue.

“The imperative for change and the negative effects of our current system are extremely broad. They are generational and affect people of color and those with economic challenges in horribly disproportionate ways. We can do better.”

Read the full transcript HERE.

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