“Decoys & Depictions” Symposium and Exhibit

Posted on October 21st, 2019 by Nicole Sakr

Posted under: Installations + Exhibitions, Lectures

This Friday, Nader will lecture at the Sam Fox School of Design and Digital Arts at Washington University in St. Louis on the role of digital images in contemporary architecture. Concurrently, NADAAA’s work will be included in an exhibition, also titled Decoys & Depictions, at the Des Lee Gallery in St. Louis.

“This collaborative discussion between architects and artists raises questions about our operations concerning contemporary images: How can a deeper understanding of electronic imaging and the ongoing technological developments therein reshape how we design and build? How might we reconsider conventional methods of display in relation to the circulation of images through social networking and web-based media? How can interfacing with images directly change how we structure design pedagogy? Decoys & Depictions: Images of the Digital aims to address critical questions about the capacity of images to transform architecture through a dualistic analysis of data and picture.”

For more information on the symposium check HERE.

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