MIT mock-ups featured in David K. Ross’s new book

Posted on May 15th, 2021 by Nicole Sakr

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Archetypes features a recent series by Canadian artist David K. Ross, who works at the interface of photography, film, and installation. His images of architectural mock-ups, staged at night with dramatic lighting that isolates structures from their surroundings, demonstrate how these objects have become a charged form of proto-architecture. The book offers an effective platform to consider what it means to pre-construct fragments of buildings in all their complexity. Published alongside Ross’s images are four essays framing the historical, technological, and civic significance of the mock-up.

NADAAA, Kendall Square, Cambridge, United States, 2018 (I and II)

For more information or to order a copy please click HERE.

Many of Ross’s works will be exhibited at upcoming shows in Zurich, Munich, Basel, and at Daniels Building’s Architecture and Design Gallery.

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