Person of Interest: Nader Tehrani

Posted on August 1st, 2016 by Nicole Sakr

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Nader is interviewed by Stephen Hopkins in the Metropolitan Society’s first issue of Persons of Interest. They discuss NADAAA’s approach to designing spaces for education, the “debundling” of systems, the power of the mock-up, and crowdfunding. Order your copy here.


“What we are trying to create, whether through the digital process or not, is a situation where a certain ethic of control comes into being by gaining an insight about smart ways of using materials, effective ways of assembling them, and a more optimal way of impacting the use of labor on site. This control that you regain over the built artifact is not control for power’s sake, and nor is it a way of gaining efficiency, optimization, or intelligence per se, but it is a way of thinking of the designed environment as part of a dialogue between cultural, economic and social priorities all at once.”


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