Daniels in C3 404: Additions that add More than Space

Posted on November 21st, 2019 by Nicole Sakr

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The Daniels Building is featured in the current issue of Korean architecture magazine C3. The focus of the issue is on distinguished urban additions that give “its users and the public something more”.

“The [building] by NADAAA, which includes [historic] Knox College, can be observed from 360 degrees. Each angle gives the viewer an architectural history lesson. The best view of the Daniels Buiding is from the streetcar, which glides around the western and eastern halves of Spadina Crescent. Examples of all three disciplines taught at the school can be found on the site, which makes it a sample size of Toronto’s built environments, past, and present.[…]

“Each surface, space, texture, shape, and form found on the interior of the addition, as well as the architecture on the exterior, serves to inspire the next generation of designers. they are taught, study, and build in a building that is itself an example of what is possible. A building that encourages creativity, and internally strives to be a radical departure from generic academic spaces. These are the spaces that people go to architecture school to create, that are not construction cost induced replicas. The addition, along with Knox college, is a constant tutorial of great architecture.” – Phil Roberts

Read the full piece HERE. Order copies HERE.

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