Sarah Goldhagen Releases Book ‘Welcome to Your World’

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by Nader Tehrani

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Sarah Goldhagen brilliantly prompts the allegory of “blindsight” to show how the recent findings of cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology can become the basis for a thoroughgoing paradigm shift in the understanding and construction of the built environment. In explaining the connection between human experience and the world as an embodied phenomenon, she reconfigures the foundations of thinking that have dominated the scholarly, design and building professions. But she does more: bringing the sciences deep into the humanities, she reconceptualizes our understanding of the built environment’s profound effects on individuals, communities, and societies.

Goldhagen’s sharp eye as a design thinker maps out this new terrain through an array of specific and illuminating architectural, landscape, and urban explorations, offering examples that span ages, styles, and sensibilities. In reading this book, architects and planners will continually be asking themselves to rethink their own design practices and methodologies. Even more importantly, the tenets of the book stand to have a sweeping impact on a much broader audience of policy makers and the general public by helping us to gauge how we build, construct policy, integrate disciplines, define design agency, and produce rich and ennobling environments in a rapidly changing world around us.

Lucidly written in beautiful prose, this book will stimulate and delight professionals, students, and non-professionals alike. A must-read for all of us, there is much to learn from it!

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