Victor Lundy: Artist Architect

Posted on October 8th, 2018 by Nicole Sakr

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“Lundy’s built work denies signature in the form of a singular voice; he lets the natural grain of raw matter, the texture of its aggregation, and the malleability of different materials help determine the aesthetic sensibility of his buildings. Consider the Unitarian Meeting House in Hartford, Connecticut, or the IBM Garden State Offices, in Cranford, New Jersey, and how Lundy negotiates history, identity, and building configuration through material organization.” … “in the facade of the IBM project, we discover the power of the individual in the context of the collective. In this curious wall, Lundy adopts each brick as its own soldier with independent orders, and as each takes on its own position within the face of the building, we come to understand the power of the field condition as the basis for a compositional swarm.”

Read the full book foreword by Nader Tehrani HERE. More on Lundy, Nader and ‘Beyond the Harvard Box’ HERE.

image above: IBM Garden State Office Building, Cranford, New Jersey, ,1964  /  cover image: I. Miller Showroom, Grand Hall, New York City, 1962

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