Aga Khan announces Award for Architecture 2022 winners

Posted on September 23rd, 2022 by Nicole Sakr

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This summer Nader served on the Aga Khan architecture awards jury alongside Nada Al Hassan, Kazi Khaleed Ashraf, Amale Andraos, Francis Kéré, Sibel Bozdoǧan, Kader Attia, Lina Ghotmeh, and Anne Lacaton. The final winners, selected for making a difference in the “lives of people and local communites”, were announced today. Congratulations to the six winning projects and teams!

Read more about the winning works from AKDN HERE, from World Architecture HERE, ArchDaily HERE, and CNN HERE.

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Posted on September 20th, 2022 by Nicole Sakr

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Photo © Sam Dufaux

Fred Bernstein writes for Architectural Record this month on widespread changes to architecture schools’ curricula that are attempting to right the ship in terms of architecture’s role in global warming. Bernstein interviews several deans, chairs, and professors about ways their schools are pushing students to frame their work around climate change. Nader shares that “For too long, we’ve been teaching students how to integrate mechanical systems into buildings, when we should be looking at how to create building envelopes that reduce reliance on those systems.”

Read on for how schools like the Daniels Faculty at the University of Toronto are approaching their design projects with net zero as a primary constraint HERE.


Columns up at the new Kendall/MIT station!

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Nader Tehrani Receives Prestigious National Design Award

Posted on September 7th, 2022 by Nicole Sakr

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Today, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum announced the 23rd class of National Design Award winners, honored for design innovation and impact. The 2022 Design Visionary award has been given to Nader Tehrani for his “profound contribution to advancing the field”.

“This year’s National Design Award winners reflect the central role that design can play in addressing some of the most urgent needs of our time. Attuned to increasing social and planetary challenges, all awardees, regardless of their category, have a regenerative approach to design work that takes into account our shared future. I’m grateful to our thoughtful jury this year for their selection. Their deliberations revealed that behind each winner is a philosophy of work that expertly weaves together technological innovation while elevating traditional craft, or that prioritizes preservation and reparation processes, ultimately designing for citizens, and not consumers—a reason for hope in today’s complex world if there ever was one.”

– Maria Nicanor, director of Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

More information on the National Design Awards and this year’s awardees can be found on Cooper Hewitt’s website HERE and in Smithsonian Magazine HERE.

Press coverage: ARCHITECT | Surface | Architect’s Newspaper | Archinect

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2A Magazine #48, Australia – The World In Reverse

Posted on September 1st, 2022 by Nicole Sakr

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Toby Reed of Nervegna Reed Architecture interviews Nader about John Wardle and their collaborations in this issue of 2A

“First and foremost, I would say that he does not impose order and form onto a project, he allows spaces to emerge from circumstances. Those circumstances are sometimes the issues that emerged from a site, a topography, a view, a geography. Other times, they’re internalities that come from a construction system. When you work in wood, it produces a different grain than if you work in brick or in steel. None of it is lacking in authorship per se. But the authorship is always mediated through something that becomes quite legible and authorial on its own terms. So, I would say that’s a strong characteristic of John’s work, and you can trace it through his houses as much as you can trace it through public projects. Embedded in all of those projects is a trope that is very common to ourselves also, that, construction is never smooth. It’s always composed of panelized limits, whether it’s in stone or precast, you see the seam between two things, and he takes advantage of those tectonic limits to demonstrate not only how a system works, but how it’s malleable enough to transform geometrically, spatially, environmentally, and he radicalizes how those things can happen. We not only learn those things from John, but we also shared in those sensibilities before we met him.” – Nader Tehrani on John Wardle

Order your issue HERE.

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