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Posted on January 2nd, 2014 by pmacdowell

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The carefully articulated textures of Aesop East Hampton leverage novel detailing to deliver a visually and tactilely engaging retail space. A band of digitally-fabricated pegboard shelving panels emerges from the  large window at the fore of the space, providing a flexible means of displaying product and embedding hidden Morse code messages.  A large soapstone basin with vintage garden taps sits on a steel base in the center of the room while the point-of-sale island anchors the rear of the space. The feature elements of the project were fabricated in-house at our Boston office and installed onsite by the NADAAA team.

01_beauty_newsThe completed retail space.

rhinoscriptingPatternCustom computer codes generate the varied peg-board pattern and hidden morse-code messages.

toolpathVisualizationThe CNC-cutting process for each wall panel is digitally simulated before fabrication.

_MG_0090Finished panels are staged in the shop, awaiting transport to the project site.

IMG_2210A specialized jig is used to cut the shelving pegs for the wall panel system.

IMG_0485Welding the steel base for the soapstone sink.

_MG_0095A timber mock-up representing the soapstone sink is used to evaluate faucet design.

solderingThe faucet hardware for the sink is soldered on site.

aesop-east-hampton-4-thumb-620x413-58808The custom soapstone sink is centrally located in the retail space.

_MG_0087The point-of-sale counter is fabricated in the shop, then disassembled for transport to the site.

EDIT01The point-of-sale island secrets the necessary retail electronics and tools behind a variation of the perforated scheme used on the walls of the store.

EDIT02The wall panels mounted to the wall with z-clips on furring strips.

aesop_eh_millworkinstall_17The wall panel system emerges from the window to wrap around the retail space.

aesop_eh_millworkinstall_04Corner detailing.


02_beauty_news_1The pegboard pattern maps continuously over panel seams.  Shelving can be easily reconfigured to accommodate evolving product lines.





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