Aesop Toronto, Yorkdale

Posted on November 18th, 2013 by pmacdowell

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Negotiating the relationship between datum, display and surface, Aesop Toronto, Yorkdale comprises fiberboard layers spaced consistently from the floor to the top of the display region.  The layers create the demising wall as well as the cantilevered shelves for the display of specific product lines.  Utilizing the same tectonic logic, the basin is housed within a block of stacked layers, routed and cut to accommodate the various components of the demonstration area.

A highly efficient architect-as-fabricator delivery model minimized costs for the client, facilitated an accelerated project schedule, and guaranteed adherence to design intent.  As pressures of construction and installation were incorporated into the design process, the digital design model became a virtual “shop drawing.”  This synthesis allowed the fabrication team to strategize construction methodology, material procurement, and installation procedure simultaneously with design development.  Our in-house fabrication capacities here at NADAAA sponsor a feedback-loop between digital design and construction processes, challenging developing architectural concepts with the rigors of physical production in an immediate and informative way.



Custom pieces are cut on NADAAA’s CNC router for assembly in-house.



Large components, sized for ease of installation, are stacked to form the shelving wall.



A plasma-cut steel element for holding tubes of product is welded together and nested in the shelving.



The installation team reassembled the millwork in Toronto overnight.



Through form and material sensibility, the installation establishes a distinct merchandising voice.



The width and position of the shelves respond to the requirements of specific product lines.




Functional detailing is integrated into the broader project form, as shown in the draw pull detail.



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