Body, Object, Enclosure

Posted on January 27th, 2022 by Nicole Sakr

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“The morphological particularities of the body offer a productive clue via their engagement with architecture, if only that the interface between the human and its environment may begin with the body as a system of parts: the torso, limbs, digits or head all establish a special relationship with the built environment. With the hand as maybe one of the most dexterous instruments of intelligence, it is also the most prone to architectural engagement, not only in the tactility of surfaces around us, but in the mechanical protocols of hardware, instruments, and vessels that mediate between the human and its environment: doorknobs, pulls, flatware, cups, and many industrial design artifacts are the first registration of such encounters.”

Jonathon Anderson and Lois Weinthal’s new book Digital Fabrication in Interior Design: Body, Object, Enclosure has been released! The book includes an essay entitled “The Figure in Translation” by Nader Tehrani.

Available for order HERE.

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