NADAAA wins BSA Unbuilt Award

Posted on August 26th, 2014 by Lisa LaCharité

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NADAAA wins 2014  BSA Honor Award for Glasnevin Centenary Chapel. Below is a brief description of the project with some selected images. Please follow up shortly on our blog for more images and information on the project.


Our proposal for the Glasnevin Chapel hinges around several priorities that we believe are the cornerstones of its mission statement. First, we believe that this is to be a space of peaceful contemplation: a place where questions of life and death beyond religious denominations can be formed within a framework that is reflective of the solemnity of mourning. Second, we recognize that the site is composed of a landscape and urban context which contains significant monuments –both public and private– and that a scheme needs to operate within this spatial framework in a meaningful and responsive fashion. Third, the mission contains a programmatic brief that is highly specific, and our proposal has set out to respond to them not only in detailed ways, but also in ways that are inventive, transformative and reflective of the architectural ambitions of this competition. Finally, we recognized that the competition is located within a rich cultural context, and that our proposal will need to speak to the history of this heritage in ways that are as powerful as a commitment to looking at contemporary constraints and opportunities in construction culture. 











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