Nader Featured in Hotchkiss Magazine’s “Art of Design”

Posted on December 20th, 2017 by Nicole Sakr

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Wendy Carlson from The Hotchkiss School visited the office earlier this year to interview Nader, a Hotchkiss Alum, about the office, balancing work between NADAAA and Cooper and his first impressions of Hotchkiss. Read the full article HERE.

“I’m trained as a traditional architect and have basically spent 25 years constantly re-educating myself through the younger generation. The idea of a teacher as the central master is all but obsolete. We learn horizontally: students learn from each other, and teachers more often learn from students. Whereas we may bring more experience to the conversation, the next generation brings an openness and a digital dexterity that often overturns one’s assumptions.”

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