Nader on Confluence in the Work of Eladio Dieste

Posted on September 28th, 2020 by Nicole Sakr

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On the twentieth anniversary of Eladio Dieste’s passing, Nader writes on ‘confluence’ in Dieste’s work in AR Confluences. Eladio Dieste, an Uragayian ‘designer’ and a “great, yet lesser-known, 20th-century thinker who operated outside of the modernist canons” has had his work analyzed by many writers, all of which “note the way in which art and science are brought into confluence, revealing with great analytical precision how Dieste worked with the science of engineering to achieve geometric and structural feats that are deemed great works of ‘art.’”

“At the same time, it was the strategic way in which he brought the confluence of mathematics, geometric thinking, the protocols of construction, material innovation and historical knowledge into dialogue that made possible the types of inventions he unleashed [..] the laws of physics and optics come into an improbable alliance—not natural, nor harmonious or obvious—but a masterful aplomb of artifice to witness.”

Read the full essay HERE.

AR/Architecture Research is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published yearly by the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture. AR Confluences is guest-edited by Robert McCarter.

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