PLAT in conversation with Nader Tehrani

Posted on September 10th, 2021 by Nicole Sakr

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“Looking back, many came into pedagogy with the need for and presumption of certainty. Now there is the confidence to embrace uncertainty—not only as a reflection of our changing times but as a pedagogical imperative to allow us to speculate, improvise, and rethink questions entirely.”

Jimmy Bullis and Pouya Khadem interview Nader for Rice Architecture’s PLAT 9.5 on equality, social justice, curriculum reform, personal manifestos, confluence in design, and the innate opportunities of translating drawings into buildings.

“One of my main questions to the academic community revolves around what the architectural discipline specifically brings to the table and how might it form our agency in a larger public conversation, whether in the halls of power, governance, or policy? How do we bring our particular mode of analysis to shed light on the policies and decisions that are made for society? There is probably not a square inch in the United States that is not the result of a spatial policy that is architectural in some way or another.”

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