Study Table Mock-up

Posted on November 13th, 2014 by pmacdowell

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Down in our shop, work has begun on a custom table made of aluminum and anigre-faced plywood. The client commissioned us to design a table where their family of five could work and study together. The pinwheel form provides each user with a dedicated space and routes computer cables through an opening at the center. The pieces of the table flat-pack for easy shipping and are bolted together with specialized custom fasteners.

table2Exploded Axonometric drawing showing the assembly logic of the table.

table3A mock-up was built to evaluate the material choices and test the custom fasteners.

tableMockup01Waterjet-cut 6061 Aluminum features a non-directional satin finish. CNC-cut Plywood with an Apple-ply core is faced with White Anigre.

tableMockup02The wood and aluminum are laminated together with Marine Epoxy.

tableMockup03Tight tolerances are critical for the precision attachments.

table1Detail Axonometric Section through the Leg / Table-top connection.

tableMockup09The unique aluminum fasteners are machined by hand in our shop.








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