The Politics of Play: Nader on Hashim Sarkis’s work

Posted on November 28th, 2017 by Nicole Sakr

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“Sarkis demonstrates that to be politically effective, architecture must somehow operate through its autonomy, if only to show how its own techniques, tools, and devices, participate in building an imagination for the world”


“Consider the herringbone pattern that adorns the Balloon Landing structure in Beirut […] Here, the grain overcomes the traditional opposition between surface and depth, or structure and skin; the thinness of paint, the laminar nature of the wood lattice, and the depth of a concrete pour are brought to both material and sematic equation, as the herringbone becomes inextricably bound to the geological depths of the site onto which it is cast.”


Read Nader’s full essay for -NESS.docsĀ HERE.


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