‘Touch Wood: Material, Architecture, Future’

Posted on June 13th, 2023 by Nicole Sakr

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Nader reviews Carla Ferrer, Thomas Hildebrand, and Celina Marinez-CaƱavate’s new book for Architectural Record. The book explores forest management and the “illusion of infinite bounty”, the “present architectural arms race to build enlightened wood structures”, and the future of timber.

“Composed of three segments, its various writers bring perspectives ranging in disciplines to allow for a broader cultural reading than any conventional book on wood technologies. Acknowledging the already present and looming crisis of climate change as a central protagonist, the book also positions the balance of merits and liabilities in developing an attitude toward the production of wood, allowing the readers to better understand how a sustainable production of wood is a plan that cannot occur as a single decision but as something that requires ongoing efforts over years, administrations, nations, and cultures.”

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